The Ghost That Lives With Us

(Encounter # 1) I posted about a ghost that has been haunting the house a while back. Let me go over and refresh a couple of things about this ghost. At first it was haunting outside the house. When we first moved in we didn’t have any furniture and we only had one neighbor on the whole block. We only had an air mattress to sleep on. My husband didn’t feel comfortable sleeping with all the lights off since it was our first day sleeping in the house. I on the other hand did not mind. So I left the lights on for him. Around 3am we started to hear footsteps and leaves crunch right outside our window. At first we thought it was our neighbors so I texted her and she said it wasn’t them. I fell back asleep and ten minutes later we heard it again. I woke up and I could still hear it. There wasn’t a shape or person outside but it was still going on. That was our first encounter with the ghost. That wasn’t the last time either.

(Encounter # 2) I was fostering a black lab a while back and she loved playing with her ball to the point that she wouldn’t eat because that’s all she wanted to do. S I grabbed her ball and put it up on the bookshelf until she ate. All of a sudden I see the ball just roll to her. It seriously freaked me out because I didn’t hear the ball drop and she didn’t bump the bookshelf.

(Encounter # 3) One time the foster lab and my dog were playing around and they began to fight. Not an I’m going to hurt you fight, but the you made me mad argue fight. I kept telling them to stop. Eventually the foster listened and walked of the my dog ran up to her and bit her in the ear then ran back off. That when the ghost decided to kick her. The ghost kicked my dog. My dog cried out in pain and I saw her fly off the ground. That’s when I was frightened the most and my husband wasn’t home. I thought it was going to be like paranormal activity next haha.

(Encounter # 4) My husband and I went out to the beach and we came home around six o’clock. When we unlocked our door we went to check on the dogs and they looked terrified like something really scared them to death. I’ve never seen the dos react this way. The back door was unlocked and wide open. We thought someone broke in. We asked the neighbors who were having a party out back if they saw anyone break in they said no they’ve been outside all day. We immediately start looking around to see if anything was stolen but everything was exactly the same. So we sat down to comfort the dogs. Then the door bell rings. I didn’t think much of it. I thought it was the neighbors ringing it. When I went to open the door no one was there. There were people hanging out on their porch but that was it. As soon as I went back to sit down the door bell kept ringing and ringing. I looked out the window and no one was at the door yet the door bell kept ringing. I asked the neighbors hanging out on their porch if they saw anything but they didn’t see anyone. It was really scary and I had chills run up my spine.

(Encounter # 5,6&7) I was playing with the foster lab indoors and throwing her toys around for her to catch them. She refused to go by the stairs. She had one of her toys by the stairs and I told her to bring me her toy but she refused and kept starring at the stairs. I ignored it and told her once again to bring me her toys. As soon as she went over to get it she pooped herself because she was so scared. She ran to me scared and shaking. Eventually I took her outside to get her out of the house to calm down. But it got worse from there. She refused to be outside and kept stair across the yard and something. I looked up to see what she was looking at and it was a ghost crossing the street! I was so scared and so was she, she ran back in the house and completely left me out there. I ran back indoors and closed the door. The next day both the dogs kept looking in the kitchen and barking. When it was time to sleep they would wake up and growl at whatever was outside our room and sometimes inside. We would get this feeling that something was watching us at times.

(Encounter # 7,8&9) My husband and bought an air freshener for the house. It has a motion sensor. So every time someone walks by it it would spray. Well two days after we bought it it would go off on its own. We thought hey making something’s work with it but nothing was wrong. We would be sleeping and it would go off in the middle of the night.
I was cooking in the kitchen and it was around 5 o’clock in the afternoon. My dog was in the kitchen with me laying down in her kennel. When I saw a figure of a man in the backyard through our back door window. At first I was its probably a shadow I didn’t think much of it. Them my dog started barking and growling. Eventually she stopped and when I looked back the figure was gone. I went outside to check if someone was out there but no one was. It wasn’t our neighbors they didn’t get home until later.
A week after that day my dog was relaxing in her kennel and fell asleep. I was on the couch reading a book when all of a sudden I hear something move the chair. My dog sprints out of her kennel scared to death trips over herself and falls over because she was so scared. I quickly went to help her up and comfort her. It seems to like messing around with my dog.

(Encounter # 10) Yesterday I sat down with my dog around one o’clock in the afternoon while my husband was in the kitchen. All of a sudden I hear a creak and I think it’s someone at the door opening our screen door. He tells me it’s no one, that what I hear is the creak in the stairs. I was surprised because our stairs don’t creak on their own unless you actually put pressure on them. Later that night we invited a couple of his friends over to have a few beers and watch a movie. He was telling him how the stairs creak and to not freak out because we have a ghost living with us. The three of us head into the kitchen and he stays in the living room. A couple minutes later he runs in the kitchen scared saying he hear the stairs creak and he doesn’t want to be left alone haha.
So far this is all that happened and let’s hope it doesn’t get worse. I’m Not as scared as I used to be. I’m used to it. As long is it doesn’t appear to me or touches me I’m fine haha.


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